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Who is on facebook? Please share your link here so we can friend each other. Mine is

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Mine is

Please add me as a friend if you wish - please note "adoption voices" so I'll know how you found me... Thanks!

Let me know that you found me from this site.
I have an adoption group on facebook. search will and kelly are adopting!!
I couldn't find this account.

Stefanie Grawe said:
Oh hey.

Look up: Stefanie Addthisaccount Grawe

I have another account that I can't access so people still added me on my old one so I made this one.
marieta woudstra
I am on face book. I am under Lisa Marie Sigler
How do you do that? An adoption voices profile badge fro Facebook? I want to do that!

Desha Wood said:
you can post a profile badge on your facebook wall with a link to your profile here on, if you want to.

Kandy Lee said:
A question about face book and our personal links....does anything get shown on facebook, that is posted here? Or even that you have a link to this web site?
Thanks, Kandy
I have added everyone up to this point. A few of you had invalid links so please add me instead.

I'm on facebook! Just look up my name and ask, tell me your from adoption voices, and you are in! Thanks. I've been looking for this. :-)

Karla Lohaus-Fast

I think my link is

I also have an adoption group on facebook called Help Jason and Rachel Adopt

This is a great idea btw

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