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Is it wrong to know what you want in a family and then stick to it?  I recently posted an invitation, I guess, for families matching our criteria and got tons of responses from others than are not what we would be looking for.  I kindly answered back that I was sorry but they weren't the type of family we were looking for, and got really nasty responses.  I was told I am TOO picky by some, cursed at by others, and also told I should not have even bothered to respond if they weren't what we were looking for.   I thought I was being nice by not leaving them hanging, but I guess I don't understand all the nuances of adoption yet. 


So, for those of you that have placed, is it wrong to know what you want and only search for that type of family?  To me, it seems more reasonable to put it all out there and save everyone time.  Am I wrong to feel this way?

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Absolutely not! I am an adoption attorney and I have expectant moms give me detailed criteria in what they are looking for in adoptive parents. A bond is formed between a biological mother and the adoptive parents. She also has to feel very comfortable with the adoptive parent(s) she has chosen in order to feel comfortable with her decision. I would not be willing to represent potential adoptive parents who had so little respect for a biological mother that they criticized her or were nasty to her.




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