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My husband and I are new to this whole adoption thing. We were aproved 6/09. I am trying to learn everything I can. Can anyone recommend good books to read? How about sharing your experiences so far? I would love to hear!

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Replies to This Discussion an adoptee, I have to ask: why have you even started the adoption process without having already DONE a lot of research etc? I suggest you do A LOT before you go much further...

I really liked the perspective of this book:

Congratulations Shannon! That is exciting news, I have not read many books on adoption but have participated in many support groups and adoption activites that were very helpful. I learned so much from others who had been through adoption before, I hope you find the books that answer your questions, just know, no matter how much you read you will still probalby have some questions and finding the answer is sometimes part of what makes your story. Good luck!
Congratulations on your decision to adopt. I am sure it was not made lightly. We chose an international adoption, but please never feel guilty about wanting a healthy infant! I have 3 other healthy kids so I had already experienced those milestones. I will tell you the best advice I can give you is to keep informed from all sides of the triad. I belong to several forums and the wide opinions and perspectives has been invaluable. I will say that, based on my own personal experience, raising an adopted child is the same in every way except how they came to be in the family. Different, but no better or worse. I treat her the same as my other kids. She gets time outs and hugs, all all the rest that goes along with a loving family. She knows she is adopted. We used that word from the very beginning. She asks questions every now and then, but it is just one aspect of her life and we do not say it every day. I have let her know (she is 6 now) that any questions she has about her adoption or birth mother, and the circumstances around it all are perfectly fine questions to ask, now and later. When she is older I will help she search if she wants. I also know several families who have adopted more than one child and they are fine. I have 2 sibling cousins who are adults now and are both adopted. More than one adopted child is just fine. Again just keep in mind, their stories will be different, but that is fine too. :) Good luck!

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