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Good morning to all.

I'm trying not to feel discouraged this morning. All has been going well with our homestudy and we are on our final stretch. Our social worker is progressing well with our HS report, and I am almost done with our profile (we both hope to finish our respective duties this week). However, last evening the social worker emailed me saying that my fingerprinting background check had been rejected a second time (not because of a criminal record, but because they didn't like my prints or something). Now they will move to a name-based check which will supposedly take up to 4-6 weeks! Here we thought we were within a week or week and a half till we could contract with our placement agency, and now this delay. We can't be fully home study approved until these results come back. So if you're a Christian and are on praying terms with God, please bring our need before Him. We are so eager to move on, and we are asking Him for a miracle. He is so not bound by man's time frames, and I long to see His power played out in this situation. We cannot demand it, but we would be so blessed if He chose to bless us in this way.

As a side note, has anyone had any experience with name-based checks? How long did it take?

Thanks so much!


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So sorry to hear of your setback.  It took us 8 months to get all of our paperwork and background checks done for our agency.  I completely understand the frustration.  It isn't your fault, the person doing the prints didn't do them correctly.  Does you state still use the ink or have they gone electronic.  Our state just went electronic and it tells you immediately if it is rejected and you can do again and again until it is correct.


Take a deep breakth and realze that in the end it will all be worth it--not matter how frustrating.



Hey, Judi. I completely understand your frustration and discouragement. I am blessed to be the mom of 2 children God brought to us through His miracle of adoption. I am a firm believer in faith, prayer, and trusting God's plan and His time. I remember trying to hang on to that while we were waiting. It is hard, and there is no taking that away or really easing that. I can say that in hindsight, I see His hand in every step of our journey. I think you are doing exactly what you should. You are taking care of the things you can control, and most importantly you are praying and trusting in our powerful Savior for the blessings He will bestow. You never know, maybe this "glitch" is actually a blessing that is saving you from having to go through an emotional pain such as a birthmom changing her mind or something. Only God knows. And He does know. It is His plan. Just have faith that His plan is perfect and when you finally get to hold your sweet baby, remember to give Him the glory. I will pray for you right now and I wish you the very best.


Hello to everyone.


Thanks for all the encouraging comments.  I really appreciated it.  As it turns out, we are even further behind than we thought. We found out yesterday that the agency we thought we were going to use for placement won't be able to take us right now, basically because we haven't been married long enough (that's the short way of saying it).  So, I'm back to the binder of agencies I'd collected before, and also looking on the internet.  I'm sure God has a purpose in this...  like Holly said, maybe to save us some heartache that would have come along later.  He knows, and that's enough for me. 


Resting in the Lord,


Judi, your faith is inspirational. I know how hard it can be to hold on to that when the desire and longing of your heart is so strong. Stay strong. I thought I would share with you that my husband and I did not go through an agency or the state. If you are looking at every option available, I would encourage you to talk to some adoption attorneys and pregnancy resource centers and see if they take profiles or "family letters" for birthmoms to look at if they come in asking for help. Our son's birthmom had gone to a faith based abortion recovery/pregnancy resource center after deciding she did not want to have an abortion. Turns out that the director of that center knew my cousin-in-law's mother and asked her to be in prayer for a family for this unborn boy. My cousin-in-law's mother thought of us later that day, got us connected, and we met his birthmom a week later. The next week, we were holding our son 10 minutes after he was born. God will provide connections in the strangest places for His plan.  I know that the center our son's birthmom went to accepts letters from families hoping to adopt and keep them on file for birthmoms who come to them looking for help. I never would have thought to approach places like that to leave a profile/letter. Pray about it, and God will direct you. I will continue to pray for you, your husband, and the child/children God has planned for your family. 

Oh, by the way, talking about strange connections. Our daughter's birthmom called us on her due date. She had gotten our name from her mother, who had gotten our name from a doctor she worked with, who had gotten our name from his wife, who had gotten our name from a woman she goes to church with, who got our name from my cousin who is a hairdresser where she gets her hair done. This connection (and our phone number) was passed through 6 people and 2 states to get to our daughter's birthmom. To think that through that many hands the phone number stayed correct truly shows God's hand in our family. You never know where your connection will come from.

Rejected fingerprints are very common. Very dry skin is a common cause.  I don't know the current time frames, but do try to be patient.  As they always say, "You'll get the child you were meant to have."  I know that was true in my case.




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