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This may be an unusual post to some, but here's our story.  We adopted our son in 2003 from a longtime friend of mine who was herself adopted.  Ever since then, she has been hoping to find her own birthmother.  The story behind her own adoption has its own reasons, which I don't think it is my business to discuss, and therefore she has told me she was not told by her adoptive parents that she was adopted until she was an older child.

We have chosen to always be open with both our son, and now will also be with our daughter, who we just adopted in August, about their adoptions.  But we would really like to help our son's birthmother find her biological roots. 

If there is anyone out there who knows about an adoption that took place on a military base in Michigan around 37 years ago, could you please contact me?  I know her birthmother's name, and can share that as well, but I want to be discreet, since this isn't all my story.  Please just friend me with a message that you found me from this post, and I can share info with you. 


Thanks so much!

Karla Lohaus-Fast

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