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Also, how many were you open to, and what ages?

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Well, when we first got licensed it was 2 1/2 mo later that we were placed w/our son from birth.
We were licensed for one permanent placement child at that time.

This last time, we re-opened our license and less than 2 mo later, we were placed w/a baby.

Currently we are licensed for up to 3 foster kids, but normally it would be one as we have no more room in our house.
I was licensed on April 13th or 15th and was matched on June 18th. Started visitations in July and she moved in on Aug. 8th. I was open to 1 girl age 5 - 10 (I was placed with an 8 year old girl).
We were licensed in March 05... we brought home our first newborn on June 3rd, 05. Her placement and our sons placement overlapped. She was reunited in April of 06 and we brought home another fd in May 06 when our son was 2 months. She was then with us 4 months before reunification. It was like have twins.. and so much fun. We then didn't take any other placements until our adoption of our son was completed. We reopened our home in June 07, after finalization and that was our longest wait... January 08 is when we brought home our baby son. We finalized his adoption in March of this year.

Best wishes on your journey. It is a wonderful crazy ride.
We received our licence on March 25 this year and on the 27 two days later, we had our first placement a boy 3 yrs old almost 4. He stayed with us for two weeks, left on April 10th, And, 14 days later we were place with our current placement two girls and counting.
We were licensed in January of this year. We were matched in June and are currently doing mid-week visits, nightly phone calls and overnight weekends. We decided to do this in the hopes of adopting a little boy between the age of 7 and 12. We were blessed with a 7 yr old little boy, who has already had TPR and free for adoption. Currently we have a pre-placement agreement in order and waiting on the finalization of the ICPC for permanent placement. We are hoping that this will occur sometime this month. We can't wait to have him home with us full-time. He was our first match. I really feel that the agency we are working with, made the right choice for us. I cannot imagine that they would have been able to find a better fit.
We do foster to adopt, so are license wasn't open and they were talking to us about a 18 mo old girl. She didn't work out; but a week later they called us about our son. He moved in around 3 weeks later... He was legally free!

We asked for a second child the beginning of April 08 and they called us about our daughter on 4/19. She moved in on 4/22 and was adopted 7/14/09. She was foster first and back in October it looked like she was going to be reunited with her bio mom... but then that wasn't able to happen and it opened up for us to adopt her.
I requested a low risk placement in California (low risk of going back with bios) up to 4 years and was open to a sibling group of 2. My worker knew my I preferred an infant as young as possible. I finished all my paperwork and prints on the day after Thanksgiving 2007 and was called about a little guy the first of March. It fell through when his bio-mom listed more extended family, but happy days for me when I was called again in May to see if I would like to meet this same little guy in May. We arranged to meet and started visitation June 1 (he was 2 weeks away from turning one). After a month of visitation (this was just stupid in my opinion), he, my now son, moved in July 1, 2008. His adoption was finalized May 18 of this year when he bios kind if just dropped off the scene. Looking back I think the process went pretty fast. In our state/county I have to wait a year after finalization to go for my second. Since I know they work really well with my requirements, and requests, I will be requesting an infant under 6 months, prefering newborn and go from there.
Each of our adoption stories is different (we've adopted 12 children in 8 different adoptions. Our longest wait was an international adoption from Guatemala that took about 3 years. Our shortest wait -- our homestudy was done on November 7 and we brought the boys home December 31 (across state lines even).

We were open to kids up to age 12 and up to 3 at a time.

We tell the whole story with "what we learned" sections in our book As I said, each wait was very unique from the others.
We were licensed in Aug ( 4yrs ago) and had a first two siblings placed in our home on oct 7th. We were licensed for 3 children ages 0-8. That placement brought us our first two adoption miracles and started our crazy life. We went from o-6 children in 2 1/2 yrs. Five of those six are adopted.
1 month!
We're open to 2 children, ages 0-4 (our youngest is 5) and we've been waiting 4 months & one week since licensing.
I waited 6 months for a placement and I was willing to take 0-5 and open to all medical levelsI got tired of waiting so I decided to start the adoption part of the home study the day I was approved as an aboptive family they called me about my first adopted daughter she was a legal risk so God was just waiting for me to get the right child




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