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Sharing ideas, tip and stratagies for building a lasting treasure that tells your adopted children their story using words, photo, drawings and informational documents. Scrap-booking with a purpose to tell children their birth story/self discovery

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a nice comment that addresses the photos that may be stuck in limbo in your camera. Getting started is the hardest part and so many parents including adoptive parents struggle with this.

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Comment by Laura C on March 20, 2011 at 10:52am
So happy to see some other members of Life Books with Laura. I can't wait to hear some members add to the discussions and talk about some things that they have done to make their own lifebooks for their adoptive children.
Comment by Laura C on September 21, 2010 at 3:27pm
Just finished reviewing the children's Baptism photos and church program from Sept 20th last year. What a special event and I know this treasure belongs in their life book. I am hoping that other adoptive parents have shared similiar experiences and included them in their kids books.
Comment by Laura C on September 4, 2010 at 8:12am
Working on lifebook again soon. My 8 year old is telling his "when I was a tiny baby" stories again. The latest story "when I was a tiny baby I used to swim in a pool when it thundered and lightning". Of course I told him that at his school for early interevention when he was young has an indoor swimming pool. I wrote a short blog about how important it is to know your children's history if adopted from fostercare. I think it keep them from the story telling if they know that someone in the family has some history knowlege.
Comment by Laura C on August 15, 2010 at 4:54pm
Looking from some new ideas from new members of "lifebooks" about what things that they have or would like to see on pages of life books about adoption and any new experiences this summer to add to existing books for the kids.
Comment by Becky Wright on May 28, 2010 at 6:44pm
We were having an actual scrapbooking class once a month at my church, but haven't had it since Christmas. With all the busy-ness of life, none of us moms (who attend the class) have had that "carved-out time" dedicated JUST to working on our scrapbook (Life books, for me) projects. Waaahh!!

I'm determined, especially since my kids are home for summer now (out of school) to to plan ONE DAY for maybe 2 hrs. a week, with my kids' help, to work on their life books. I'll take photos and add when I get a few more pages done, to share ideas and inspiration, hopefully!!
Comment by Laura C on May 28, 2010 at 4:07pm
Becky, love your story about creating your children's life book and that they are doing it with you. Your incorporation of the old (past history) certificates and new birthcertificates sounds wonderful. They are on their way to having a life long treasure and I will be interested to hear about how you will be adding to it. Being a picture person always carrying a camera is a big help toward having things about now and future. Thanks so much for your thoughts!
Comment by Becky Wright on May 27, 2010 at 6:58pm
We took Jeffery (9 at the time) and baby sister Jaycie (2 yrs.) into our home in Feb. 2009, just over 15 months ago. I immediately began perusing the aisles of Hobby Lobby, finding more stuff than could dream to make each of them a "life book". I'd never done scrapbooks, but I'm an avid photographer and videographer in my family, and love photo albums.

I wanted my new children to understand what happened, to not forget their past or their birth family, to enjoy the present and the future, to feel "special" (with a book made all about THEM), to take pride- and find "therapy" and joy (although it's not all joyful-- but always therapeutic) in helping make the books along with me.

We just finalized (after 14 months) on April 20th of this year (2010), and are awaiting their new birth certificates. Their life books will contain BOTH certificates, though, with photos of the birth parents near the original one, and photos of our family near the new one. I want them to know that their birth mom loved them --- as much as she knew how, having such an overwhelming drug problem.

None of us can erase the painful pasts that our children (foster and/or adopted) come from. Foster parenting OR adoption-- only arise from a child's loss. I truly believe that a life book is an indispensible part of the healing process.

As we add to the life book with/for our child, we also help them gain a sense of having a "future", whereas they may have not felt that way before (many with multiple moves, losses, and placement disruptions. A life book, especially as we continue to add to it over the years, gives them a sense of HISTORY, as well as a sense of a (happier) FUTURE. Wow.

Glad to be here, glad to be an adoptive mom. (Nine kids all together: 3 step-children, 4 birth children, 2 foster-adoption. Also raised one niece for 18 months-- what do you call that? Another "child of my heart".)

Becky Wright, Singer/Songwriter/Speaker (Adoption/Foster Events)
Blessed mommy!!! Come see me!!!
Comment by Laura C on May 20, 2010 at 5:24pm
Very important tip that I learned early on. If you have pages that have photos and drawing on them (of course words at some parts) and the photo are originals to be sure to make two sets. One set is stored away with the actual photo and page with completed design. The set you use for your kids use is a photo color copy with protected sleeves in a binder or scrapbook. Reason being is that kids spill juice on books, rip pages and add to books with markers crayon ect. Knowing you have a good copy helps you relax alittle and enjoy reading the book and making it their own. The binder method, lets you add new info at developmentally appropriate stages.
Photos that are used that are irreplaceable can be scanned to a photo CD and stored in the pocket on the inside of the "good" album with the real photos.

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