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No kids yet. Waiting 4 R adopted 1st child ever.


No kids  yet. Waiting 4 R adopted 1st child ever.

Waiting for your very first child through adoption? This is the group for you. Whether due to infertility or by choice. That longing to be a parent for the first time is unique & special. We are hear to share and support you.

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We have been eligible to adopt for 2 1/2 years now. While we are waiting, we have kept busy by spending time with our nieces and nephews. Our youngest nephew just celebrated his 2 nd birthday and I…Continue

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Our turn

It's our turn--we've been matched!!! Our baby is due in June. Praise God!~JudiContinue

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Safe Haven Babies? 1 Reply

Hi.Just wondering if anyone knows how to adopt a safe-haven baby? We are not foster parents, so maybe that disqualifies us. But yeh, any information would be appreciated.Thanks!~JudiContinue

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What constitutes advertising for adoption? 3 Replies

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Comment by Daniel Welz on February 8, 2011 at 4:48pm

Suzanne,  We have talked to and met two expectent moms who were very early in their pregnancies.  Overall, these tend to fall through.  Between wanting to parent, miscarriage, etc.  many things can cause a match to not work out.  Our agency warned us when we started talking to a local 19 y/o at 12 weeks.  She seemed interested in us.  We met her, kept communicating with her over email.  But after about two months and no intent signed with our agency she dropped off the face of the earth for us. 


If the Emom is working with your agency, lawyer, fascilitator and is getting counseling you might have a chance for this match to work out.  But everything we have read, heard, and experienced goes against that.  We have no exact answer for our failed match, but we feel that she was not 100% committed to the adoption thing.  As she learned more, she may of changed her mind or something else happened. 


It can happen, this is just my DW and my experience.  We really connected with this young lady and when the match disappeared it was hard on both of us.

Comment by Suzanne on February 8, 2011 at 4:17pm
Hi there everyone. We're primarily using AdoptHelp and haven't had a match with them in the several months since we signed up. All their matches are done in the last trimester. Last night received a call about a potential match thru a facilitator and the little one is due in July. I'm curious to hear what you've heard about matches that are longer than 1 - 3 months ... do they fail more often, etc. Just not sure what to expect since we only expected to wait 3-mo max from our match. Thoughts?
Comment by Little Blessings Adoption Srvcs on January 31, 2011 at 9:53am
Congratulations "Mom"! :)  Wonderful news!  Hope Catherine and Samuel have a great day at school today!  ~Holly
Comment by Rebecca Terry on January 8, 2011 at 11:12pm
Free Valentine's Day cards.Email and let me know how many & where to send them to! All supporting adoption!
Comment by Little Blessings Adoption Srvcs on January 3, 2011 at 7:49pm
Good evening Penny!  I just helped another client who had been on the China waiting list for over 3 years. :(  Very hard on them.  They decided to try domestic and I created their adoption profile for them.  Within a week they were selected and are now home with their sweet baby boy!!!  Don't give up, and keep the faith!  It will happen for you! :)  ~Holly
Comment by Penny Diamond on January 3, 2011 at 6:54pm
Hi all... new to this group! My hubby and I are waiting to adopt our first child.  We have been waiting for almost 3 years, to adopt a child from the Philippines.  We are also open to adopting a domestic child (from the US) but seems to be just as difficult of a process as international.  Anyhoo, glad to be here AV is a great support system!
Comment by Sharon Ramsey on January 3, 2011 at 5:31pm
Hi, Everybody.  I'm still waiting for my forever child.  The boys went home over two months ago.  I had gallbladder surgery in November and am recovered from that, but both my hubby and I had bouts with the flu in December.  I am battling with my foster/adopt agency though.  I think there is a little doubt about my ability to parent an infant due to my disability.  This came out in discussions after I talked with the head of the agency and he expressed his concern because I didn't have someone living with us anymore.  When I told him that was to help her more than to help us, he said but she was a big help with the boys wasn't she?  And I told him actually it was easier with them after she left. Well, of course I believe he didn't believe me, so once again in my live I am running into discrimination.  It is so discouraging.  I thought I wouldn't run into it, I really believed that this agency wasn't going to.  Why do people look at the wheelchair first and make their presuppositions?  I handled those 4 boys pretty much single-handedly and they can't believe that.  Oh, well, I'll keep praying and I know my God is bigger than anyone's discrimination and He will overcome.  God Bless all of you and thank you for listening.
Comment by Suzanne on January 1, 2011 at 10:53pm
Happy new year to everyone in our group. I hope that 2011 brings you all tons of blessings and the fulfillment of your heart's desires. The holidays were rough for my hubby and I and I suspect for many in this group, as we wait to expand our families. I'm so happy to welcome 2011 and the hope it brings along with it. :)
Comment by Sharon Ramsey on December 4, 2010 at 7:48pm
Thanks for the kind words, Leslie. If you look at my comments over the years here, it's been a long hard road, even longer than I said on here. I am hoping that we will get some permanent kids soon, but even if we remain foster parents only I know that we will be touching kids lives in a positive way along the road. I am using a foster care agency here in the small town we live in central CA. Actually the county places just about as many kids through agencies here as they do directly, probably more. Because they have such a small agency and so many kids. It is sad, but my agency actually gets kids from neighboring counties as well, which have even smaller agencies because they are mountain communities. Take care and to all of you have a merry Christmas with your kids or dreams as they may come soon.
Comment by Suzanne on December 4, 2010 at 3:48pm
Hugs right back to you, Cathryn ... it's a blessing to have a place to share where others instinctively get where you're coming from! Your profile blog is just fabulous ... you and your husband look like you're so ready to be parents and have so much to offer a little one. I hope that your wait is short!

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