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For those who have been matched before....has anyone had a successful match online? I mean, from a group or site that posts BM situations.  Well anywhooo we were contacted by a facilitator (one we filled out info for, so it wasn't that they just called us out the blue) with a referral. The agency is lookiing for a match for a homeless mom. I looked up the agency and they are legit but not very well known. The facilitator isn't asking for any $$ up front or anything. No red flags...I guess I'm just nervous. There will be BM expenses cause of her not having a place to live, but they aren't crazy.

Guess I just need some


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I would want all medical history on mom. Make sure before you sign on the dotted line that proof of pregnancy has been verified.  Look up the state laws where she will be giving birth and see what expenses can be covered.  Is the faciliator working directly with mom or does she just have a name and address or name of agency that is working with this mom.  Has mom had any counseling?  Are they giving you info about a dad?  If mom is homeless are they helping her build her resources in the area where she lives? Getting her on State medical?  Facil. should give you all info so that you can make the most informed choice that you can,,,prior to taking money.

Thanks Lynne! Funny that you would be the one to reply, because I am on your Facebook group and I thought of writing you personally and asking.

So far most of that information has been given to us.

I will look up what expenses in our state are covered, the facilitator is in another state but has spoke with mom and the agency. Mom is going through counseling with the agency. We have info on the dad and he agrees. He is the father of two of her other children. They are helping her build her resources in her area. She is on medicaid and has been since the beginning.

I've been making a list of questions to ask.

Thank you very much!!

We were matched through our agency on all 3 of our children. But have many friends matched online. I don't have a whole lot of advice just wanted to say how exciting!!!





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