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The MS paper

My paper is coming along. I am learning more about this disease and how it impacted and still impacts the life of my children's birthmother. I love how learning more about these things helps towards feeling capable about answering questions about the situations surrounding their early years and placement into fostercare and subsequent adoption.

I very fortunate to have a nice lady who works out of the library at my job with the school to have first land experience about what it is…


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continue- learning about birthparents health issues

This is the second post about my adopted children's birthparents ms and my limited knowelege about the disease and my experience.

I was talking about the last few court appearance and how I had noticed that the progreesive course of MS had caused my children's birthmother to wear a brace on one of her legs to court.


During the course of working toward permenancy planning for the children and a TPR for the birthmother there was little contact with her to talk about her…


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learning and teaching adopted children about family diseases and disorders

I must admit that I don't know much about my children's birthmothers medical history and would have like to recieve more. My children were adopted from the county at very young ages and even though they remained in Fostercare and had visits for a short time prior to their adoption I did not have much communication with their birthmother regarding her health.

Most of the time, questions and concerns regarding mental health and drugs and alchol were addressed by county workers. I feel…


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Tonight is the night for the birth question

I am bloggin about this because I know that this is not a night that will be soon be forgotten.

My son and his dad came back from cubscouts and he is 8. I adopted him a year ago officially but his gottcha day is 11-3-06 and he has a bit of a dev delay. But tonight is his night for questions.

They came home towards the end of an old movie "Doc Holliday" with Michael J Fox.

He is a big city doctor stuck in a small town. Kinda like the cars movie. He is just ready to make his… Continue

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Building an adult relationship with my birthmother

I was informally adopted as a teen by members of a church I was once affiliated with. My mother was invloved with the Jehovah's Wittnesses since I was 5 and my adoptive parenting were not heaviely involved but JWs just the same. It make a long story short I left the religion when I was a young adult and the religion practices shunning.

If you have never expereinced shunning then I dont know how anyone can relate. I no longer have contact with my adoptive family or anyone assciayed with the… Continue

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Adoptive Parents With Tattoos

I live in upstate New York and many people wait well into their careers to have children. There is actually an 35-40 crowd pushing strollers around. Some have tattoos previously and the idea is not new and do this to commemorate a birth death or a strong belief system. So when someone has a new baby through adoption to get a tattoo with something signifying new life or joy is an "in" thing. It is also big in the birthmother area of adoption to get a tatoo in memory of a placed child. There is a… Continue

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End of Birthparent search

I was informally adopted as a preteen and lived out of my original county of my birth for 8 years and lived independently until my first marriage. I had an open adoption with my birthmother and grew up having a relationship with all of my hald siblings. Around the time of my divorce from my first husband during one of the visits with my birthmother she revealed that she did not believe that the father on my birth cert or her first husband was actually my birthfather. Instead she finally gave a… Continue

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Remembering our Children’s Birthparents on the July 4th of July Weekend.

Remembering our Children’s Birthparents on the July 4th of July Weekend.

Red, White and Blue and…


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Birthfather Tribute- A male lady bug is still a lady bug

A Male Lady Bug Is Still a Lady Bug

I think a male lady bug is still a lady bug. I am writing this as a reflection of my children’s birthfather I call Bob.

We have been making lady bugs in the kindergarten class I have been working in. It is a week before father’s day and we are ending a lesson in insects.

I would like to explain why I chose a lady bug in remembrance of father’s day for the children’s birthfather.

I have spent the last 4 years reminding my son, that my… Continue

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