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My Life Began With A Name~My Mom and Dads Baby Girl

* AUGUST 15, 1972 *

Every little kid when they are growing up remembers their own birthday, just as you'll never forget the ABC's, or how to ride that shiney new bike sitting out in your driveway. Kids wait for this day like clockwork...dreaming of the enamorous wishes they have to have granted, just as they do Christmas, Halloween, Easter, from just over the toddler years...and along with enrolling in elementary school comes the Valentines Day sweet things people may put in their little box. For me, the birthdays always were full of more anticipation than any other holiday, for weeks leading up to my day of birth, until the following weeks afterwards dissipated. I was a quiet child, keeping my interactions limited, and I always had a incredible amount of important stuff rolling around in my crowded head.


Community Hospital is where the old copy of the New Certificate (issued in 1973 a year after my adoption began), says I was born. The new Certification of Vital record issued in 2009 has no mention of the Hospital at all. I cling to my old xerox copy of my birth record. There is no detail I've failed to memorize on it, and the wear and tear the folded up, cropped down, soft as money, little peice of paper has made it thru is large in comparrison to information Ive gained from it about where my life began, and who was responsible for the shared genes and DNA that made this life even possible for me.
It lists a time of birth as 2:15 PM, and has the signature, title of attendant to State Registrar, and date he: as in Donald J. Davids signed this record: October 30, 1973, from the mailing address of 4210 E. 11th Ave: Denver, Colorado, 80220~followed by the Registrar's signature (barely readable: I presume it's H. A. Finniss), a Deputy State, dated when received by local Registrars office: November 20, 1972.
This of course listed my Birthday on it as August 15, 1972, and to the left of that is the area on this paper I pretended my invisible super hero's always revealed for me: because the name that was there was mine, but from the time i can remember, I knew it wasn't what had been given by my mom and dad to me. It was the name they betrowthed to me in replacement of the identity I had never been given: The name I had a birth~what I started life as and could no longer be. And the groups of boxes under that first false mention of a person, had the names of two people I knew did not make or give birth to me...These people were what now 38 yrs later I live to tell to you all were some very disconnected, and I pretended as I stared in those spaces, were never the parents this "New" certificate branded them to be. It was a xerox, but my little child mind didn't rationalize this and when I did make the discovery listed at the bottom: "Not valid without the raised seal of the Colo.Dept. of Health" and since by no means did this paper have a raised area of any kind, much less a seal I couldnt seem to locate, I knew it had to be a phony like those people who were my "parents" on there. The numbers listed under the tragic words "New Certificate" and the date Oct 31, 1973 were a state file number apparently, at the State registrar of vital Statistics listed as 105 72 29897.


This is where I knew I lived my life until that paper told me I once was born and lived for a unknown amount of time...In Oregon: first in North Bend, then Coos Bay, and before elementary had began for me, we all moved to Eugene. I never knew for an incredible amount of years I was adopted in Astoria. This paper and those people failed to mention this fact, but I found out in my beginning of the search for my birth parents. I was told by a relative of the people my life had left behind long ago...because I didnt know how to obtain a notarized and true copy of my birth certificate to get identification. And over the next years I spent trying to get that record I needed I found out my Mother had moved here, possibly lived with an Aunt, while she worked as a waitress, and then decided to put me up for adoption because I assume, things were pretty darn hard, and she felt it was what she should do. I know the adoptive family had a lawyer out of Coos County, who by the time I was aware of all of this, had retired and passed on: and it was thru him in conjunction with the Clatsop County office for Services to Children and Families, that I came to live and be where I did. The welfare agency told me I was more than likely in foster care because that was the process required to adopt with them. My birth parent, or parents never met the adoptive persons at all. A foster Mom did the hand to hand exchange ??? My relative that told me Astoria so i could search also told me she had heard my father wasnt involved, and that my birth mom moved immediately back to Colorado after I was adopted...

Life was looking pretty grim: I had no name, no parents name, no age to go on, no mention of anyone at all, and couldnt even get I.D. to feel like and work as a person otherwise...

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