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Resources and Responsibilities: part 1

The story of Artyom Savelyev adopted from and returned to Russia is deeply concerning for me as an adoption advocate and licensed mental health counselor who has worked with all sides of the adoption triad. I am concerned about all of the other children in Russia who may miss out on a chance for a forever family. I am worried that media coverage is actually contributing to that likelihood. It is not only actions that put children in danger, but also things that are written and opinions shared online that contribute to the denial of adoptions. So many do not realize that by sharing information about their adoption plans, they can actually be putting children in danger. Our eagerness to help a few children, may actually endanger thousands. It has been said that Russia is being reactive or over-reactive to this incident in considering a moratorium on adoptions to the United States. However, I believe that we must respect that Russia is trying to protect its most vulnerable citizens. Protecting the most vulnerable children, the orphans of the world, is the reason I am an adoption advocate.

It is hard to say from the media coverage where the break down actually occurred. I believe the story could have been very different for Artyom if all available resources had been utilized. The entire adoption process should include education about all the social, behavioral, medical, and developmental difficulties an adopted child might face (just like any other child). .... read the rest of this article at MLJ Adoptions...

Tomorrow, I will share more about resources available and a parents responsibility in adoption. I look forward to your questions and comments.

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