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Do I look like him at those certain times
Or do I look like her instead?
Am I parts of them both
Depending on what I did?

Are my actions like the things he does
Would they remind her of herself?
Do I act like either of them both
Or am I in a league all by myself?

Is my smile similiar to his in any sort of way
Are these dimples traits from her blood
Where did this smile come from
Where did it originate?

My foot has this one very ugly toe
Was it from my Fathers side
Did my Moms genes pass it along?
Its still rooted to my foot despite my want for it to go.

Do we like the same things?
Do we sing the same tunes?
Do we share the same hobbies?
Is our passion in the same truths?

Do we fight the same causes?
Do we enjoy life in the same ways?
Do we dress alike one another?
Have our mistakes been one the same?

Do we feel the same in our heart of hearts?
Do we think of the other on similiar days?
Do we all wish to not be apart anymore?
Do you think of me on my birthday?

Do we feel that same void, absence came to grow?
Do we feel the same emptiness, deep within the soul?
Do we one day long to find that connection and our fate?
Do we want to share that long lost bond, we all can love and relate?

Does my freckles come from both your sides
Did my green eyes get passed from in our kin?
Where does my honey hair come from
Or the whiteness of my skin?

Does spirituality of your own divide, set you free and keep you blessed?
Are you always striving to leave your mark on life, for those to remember what your life may of meant?

Do we share the same gestures
When always talking with our hands?
Do we laugh outloud alike
When silence takes a stand?
Do we joke the same to stop
The gloom that filled a room?
Do we defend those we love
Despite if it brings us to our doom?

Have we loved and lost
Or stepped backwards into the pitt?
Have we chose those same paths
As unfortunate as they went?
Have we each still held inside
That little peice of grace?
Have we all been able to reclaim
our stake within the race?

Is it rain that makes you lazy
Or does summer make you yearn?
Does winter's snow freeze you to the core
Is the ocean where you loved and learned?

Are you intelligent beyond your means
Or is creativity what unveils your pride?
Can you speak to crowds and keep your wit
Do you hold your head up high?

Whatever it may be, that I notice in myself
About the way I've always been and lived
Bring's me to ask where I got that from
And I consider it all a gift

Its a reaction I've always had
That's always been the same.
Or a specific way I talk outloud
Or maybe said my name.
Maybe I share those same old loves
Or even those dislike's.
Or do I sleep in that position
You fall asleep too every night?

I wonder how much
We are all the same
Despite never knowing who you are
Or the blood that's in our veins.

I love you both
My Mom and Dad.
And I'll always live missing you two.
I've spent my life hoping one day to find
The Mom and Dad I never knew.

Maybe our lives will bring us closer
Maybe we will meet someday.
Then you will understand
I need you in my life
And I'll love you to the grave.

Always, Ashtynn

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